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Great software for advisers who want to create meaningful plans and who don't have time to learn complex planning software. Starting financial Planning in your practice or tired of complex planning software, try this.

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Intuitive Financial Planning

Social Security Maximizer

Social Security Maximizer™

Identify the most beneficial Social Security strategy for your clients with just one click/tap.

for limited clients

*$19.99/monthly upgrade to premium for unlimited clients

Free Financial Planning Software for Advisors

Wealth Planner™

Efficiently produce both goals-based and cash-flow based financial plans and concise reports.

for up to 5 clients

*Only $1 per client per month after 5 clients

Effective Client Acquisition

Personal Financial Index

Personal Financial Index®

Efficiently educate and acquire new clients and provide them financial assessment and score.

for unlimited use

*$99/monthly upgrade for lead generation and alerts

Social Security Check-up

Social Security Check-up™

Allow prospective clients to learn about Social Security as it relates to their specific situation and get leads.

for unlimited use

*Bundled price $399/annual incl. Social Security Maximizer™

We offer multi-product discounts and special discounts to advisers who belong to certain B/D firms, custodians, and certain financial associations. Branding is available for additional fee. Our technology has been reviewed by FINRA and approved by compliance of several large B/D firms.

What our adviser clients think of us

“I have incorporated GoWealthPro’s integrated planning and marketing technology in my practice to scale my wealth management business.”
Scott Dickerson, CFP® ChFC®, Financial Adviser,
Capital Growth, Inc.
“I have used GoWealthPro’s planning and marketing products over the past few years. Both my clients and I like their ease of use and power.”
Jacqueline Thornhill, CFP® Financial Adviser,
Landmark Financial
“GoWealthPro’s Social Security Check Up tool helps me in effectively engaging clients moving into retirement. It’s integration with Social Security Maximizer saves time.”
Michele Berson, CFP®, Principal,
Berson Money Management
“PFI (Personal Financial Index) is very effective for prospective client education and a great program for marketing.”
Justin Connors, Founder & CEO,
Connors Wealth Management

Financial Advice Industry...

In financial advice industry, the single biggest challenge for financial advisors is to produce financial plans for their clients; financial plans that involve simple steps to produce, that are concise, and easily understood by both advisors and their clients. Over time, we have seen many financial planning software applications entering the marketplace. Unfortunately, none have succeeded in making the life easier for financial advisors. Some software tools are cumbersome to use, others aren't advanced enough, whereas some others may produce too much output. It's not that the software vendors didn't understand these challenges. It's a very complex problem to accommodate all sorts of personal situations.

At GoWealthPro, we looked at the problem holistically, both from advisors perspective as well as from the perspective of clients. Some advisors prefer high-level goals based financial planning whereas others want to dive deep via cash flow based financial planning. The GoWealthPro online financial planning software was built on a lot of research and field trials to address these key issues. It gives advisors a choice to use either the goals based financial planning option or the cash flow based financial planning option. It has been architected in such a way that the data entered for one approach is re-usable by the other. This software is secured and privacy protected. And yes, it is a free financial planning software for financial advisors to use.

Both the goals based and cash flow based planning options cover major planning modules: Emergency savings, retirement savings planning before retirement, retirement income planning during retirement, college education planning, life and disability insurance, investment risk profiling, portfolio allocation and management, taxes and estate planning. To help advisors, the software navigation has been designed to be pretty intuitive. There are four broad categories of client profiles to choose from based on a client's life stage and complexity of the financial picture.

The software is also device independent. What it means is that whether you use a laptop, or a handheld device e.g. a PDA, the user experience is same. All it needs is the internet connection to use. In order to help financial advisors effectively engage their prospects, we also have free personal financial health check software, Personal Financial Index™. This gives prospective clients a quick visibility into their overall financial health, a financial health score, and motivates them to take action. The Personal Financial Index™ (PFI) online software is available at and takes only 10 minutes to complete. The information entered in this tool automatically propagates to the GoWealthPro software to save time for financial advisors. Together with PFI, the GoWealthPro offers the most effective and free personal money management software for financial advisors.

Money matters are a key component of our lives. So important, that it is one of the leading causes of stress. Financial planning is a welcomed relief to many and finding the right tools to manage our funds is like antidote to poison. Why get stressed when the Go Wealth Pro online financial planning software is there to make life easier. Our Free goals based financial planning software enables clients set realistic financial goals that can be funded by the available income.

The Free cash flow based financial planning software is actually used to match income versus expenses just like the traditional cash flow statement. This software keeps track of inflows and outflows where inflows is income and outflows are expenses. It paints a picture of how money is used. This can be used by both individuals and businesses.

The goal of the free financial planning software for advisors is to enable them advice clients on how to achieve the best financial mix. Advisors perform detailed cash flow analysis with the help of Free cash flow based financial planning software and come up with solutions to clients request.

Free personal money management software for financial advisors is a solution to manage client’s money by allocating funds for utilities payment, savings, insurance and mortgage payment or as directed by the client. Clients are key in providing information to financial advisor and the success in the financial planning. The Go Wealth Pro Online financial planning software is a guide that can yield best results and can be 5 tailor made to meet individual needs.

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